OmptyMedia has a personalised, regular, and dependable program

A handshake agreement (no contracts!), charged in arrears, cease at any time … OmptyMedia is not your average social media company 

The OmptyMedia Team can be relied upon

Why not outsource your web management, social media management, restaurant bookings, Google management, graphic design, menu design and updates, video production, and much more! 

Our ongoing services

OmptyMedia has a proven track record, providing these services (and more!) to our clientele.

Our team of professionals will manage your social media accounts on your behalf on a regular and dependable basis. Utilising content that our team of photographers and videographers have produced, you can expect high-quality, relevant content to be visible across all your social media. 

Your customers, and prospective customers, use social media as a ‘visual menu’ when deciding to visit your venue – or your competitors venues!  Our team know all the tricks to encourage a prospective customer to choose your venue. 

Using up-to-date images, graphics and video content, we will help make you stand out from the rest. OmptyMedia’s proven strategies will transform your social media presence, attract attention and build awareness of your venue. 

If you are not posting content to all of your social media channels on a regular basis, you are missing out on the chance to optimise your marketing potential. Consistency is the key! Why not let Team Ompty take care of it for you? 

If required, our helpful team will teach and encourage you and your staff to co-manage all of your social media accounts.  

OmptyMedia performs this management service as part of your designated program. 


You can rely on OmptyMedia! 

Have you heard of Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Harvey Norman and Bunnings? Of course the answer is yes! Each of these companies spend a fortune on main-stream advertising, but they also take advantage of the free advertising available across the many social media platforms.  

Social media is everywhere, and is accessed by almost everyone. Your customers are most likely using social media EVERY DAY. Why should you use it? Because it’s free! What a brilliant way to focus attention on your venue. 

The OmptyMedia Graphics Team will produce personalised content to be used across your social media platforms. We will be guided by you to create advertising graphics and videos that are relevant to your venue and your vision, all aimed at building awareness of your brand. We can also, if required, supply content created at our discretion by our experienced graphics team.  

To view a selection of advertising graphics & videos that may be suitable for your venue, simply request to follow our private Instagram page – @Ompty_Promos  

Also, if you wish to pay extra to Facebook, Instagram or other platforms to boost your graphics or videos (to perhaps advertise a special event or a new menu) the bulk of the design and production will have already been completed by OmptyMedia.  

The design and production of advertising graphics and advertising videos is available to you as part of your program with OmptyMedia! 

It all starts with a professional photoshoot.  

Our team of photographers, each of them with a different artistic eye, will visit your venue on a regular basis and capture amazing images of your venue and your food & beverage items. These images will be edited and used for your graphics, video slideshows and for posting onto your social media accounts.  

All images that OmptyMedia post to social media belong to you and can be forwarded to you via Dropbox. 

These regular photoshoots performed by OmptyMedia are included in your program. 

The use of static imagery to promote your venue is significant, but when combined with outstanding videography it takes your social media to the next level. 

Videography is an extremely effective means of capturing the attention of a potential customer. The use of quality imagery plus the various types of videography perfected by our team is a proven way to gain results in the promotion of your business. 

Allow our team of videographers and editors to capture quality and fun video content of your venue and your menu items, and produce different styles of videos to best showcase your business. 

All video content will be posted to your own YouTube playlist, plus all other social media platforms.  

Additionally, if OmptyMedia also manages your website, we will rotate these various videos onto your website. 

The posting of video content across all of your social media is not only a great source of advertising, but will also increase your search engine ranking on Google and other search engine platforms. 

To view a selection of the videos produced by our team, request to view our private Instagram page @Ompty_Media 

Don’t pay an arm and a leg for quality video production … at OmptyMedia this is all part of your program!  

Our team of graphic designers are on hand to create as many graphics for you as you need!  

Some examples of when you may need a special design are: 

  • To describe and promote a special function, for example a Mother’s Day lunch 
  • To advertise a special menu, such as a Winter Menu 

Using these graphics OmptyMedia can create:

  • A poster for your window for promotional purposes 
  • An attractive sticker/decal for windows etc 
  • An advertising flyer for promotional purposes 


OmptyMedia can make available to you an array of designs for various occasions. Combined with your own graphic design ideas, together we can create promotional material to suit your every need.  

Of course, any graphics that are designed and produced by the OmptyMedia Graphics Team come at no extra cost, as they are part of your program. Please note: Any printing and/or delivery fees are charged where necessary. 

Need a complete overhaul of your menu, or just a simple update of your existing one? 

A well-designed, easy-to-read menu is an important part of the customer experience at your establishment. Allow our team of graphic designers to assist you in the design of new or revised menus. 

OmptyMedia can supply you with a selection of sample menus for your perusal. 

OmptyMedia can also show you many examples of ways to present your menus, from the cheaper and useful plastic covers to more sophisticated leather covers. 

On-going menu edits are available to you as part of our service. Also, if we manage your website, all menu edits will be reflected online. 


Please note: Menu printing charges are applicable. 

In order for your business to grow, it is necessary for your venue to be active on the web in as many areas as possible, and as often as possible. The more content the better, as it attracts the attention of potential and return customers, as well as improving your search engine results on Google and other search engines.  

OmptyMedia has an extensive list of local, enthusiastic ‘Content Creators’, ‘Foodies’, or ‘Food Bloggers’, whatever you call them! The OmptyMedia team will arrange for these amazing ‘Foodies’ to visit your venue, as your guests, in return for content to be posted to the web. These content creators can help transform your presence on social media. 

In keeping with our strict criteria, we only invite ‘Foodies’ that have been interviewed and qualified by OmptyMedia.  

This engagement is provided free of charge as part of our service.

One of the most powerful platforms on the web, yet under-used by venues, is Google.  

Google is the most popular search engine in the world,  which is why you REALLY need to maximise it! 

Allow the team at OmptyMedia to help co-manage your Google My Business (GMB) page. 

Have you correctly claimed or verified your GMB page? Are you maximising your use of your GMB page? 

Allow team OmptyMedia to optimise your GMB listing and identify the important relationship with your website. The Google algorithm is complicated, and there are many ways to make sure that your GMB and your website are not confusing the Google process. We can help you negotiate this tricky minefield of confusion! 

Our team will regularly post images, graphics, videos and advertising to your Google My Business page. 

You don’t need to pay Google to advertise … let us help you advertise to your advantage on Google at no cost. 

OmptyMedia will perform all of the above, and more, as part of your service. 

Third party businesses are becoming commonplace in the restaurant industry, mostly for food delivery, booking tables or reward apps. But they come at a price, and quite a hefty one at that. They can really eat away at your bottom line, and you need to be very mindful when considering these options. 

We have very strong opinions and advice on the many third party businesses (and there are many) that are available to the food and beverage industry.  

Some examples of 3rd party businesses are: 

UberEats, Deliveroo, MenuLog, TheFork, Quandoo, OpenTable, Now Book it, Order Up, Drive Yello, Zomato, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Rewardle, PokitPal, Hey You. 


Over the course of the last 7 years, the team at OmptyMedia have likely met the major 3rd party operators. Our team’s philosophy is to understand what each operator does, if and how they can help, or are they simply a waste of time and money? 

Some 3rd party operators have proven to be useful for our venues, while some are simply a complete waste of time.  Whilst, admittedly, some can eat into your profits, they may assist in greatly increasing your turnover. 

OmptyMedia, as mentioned, has most likely met with the managers/owners of these business, and can give you a confidential opinion on them. 

For some businesses that have passed our thorough analysis, OmptyMedia has subsequently negotiated a more superior price/fee for our venues. (Please note that OmptyMedia has, and never will, seek a fee from these 3rd party operators).  

Allow us to explain, in person, what you need to know about these businesses. We have very strong opinions and real-life examples of the successes and failures of these businesses. 

If we haven’t met a particular business, then we will arrange a meeting at the earliest convenience. We can either meet the 3rd party operator on your behalf, or we can do it anonymously, and report back our unbiased advice and opinions. 


OmptyMedia will only provide this advice verbally and to current clients. 

Have you ever wondered if you can get a better price from your suppliers on a range of your most-used products? OmptyMedia have the personnel and skills to negotiate with suppliers on your behalf.

We understand that you’re often too busy to negotiate the best supply prices. Why not allow our team of professional negotiators to do the hard work for you? 

We love a challenge, so don’t be afraid to ask us to negotiate a better price for any item that you purchase on a regular basis. 

Our team can also advise you regarding re-financing or re-leasing your premises (additional fees apply). 

Our specialist writers are on hand and ready to provide suitable content to engage your customers. 

Whether it’s a press release, a blurb for your website, or stories for your social media, the writers at OmptyMedia will consult with your team to produce engaging, relevant content. 

To achieve the most from your social media presence, you need an up-to-date, engaging and effective website. Allow our team to build you a brand new or re-designed website, with built-in SEO and more.  

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essentially a set of rules for optimising your website for search engines, which ultimately improves your search engine rankings, which equates to more clicks! 

Good SEO is a way to improve your website so that it appears at the top positions in the search results of search engines (such as Google) which effectively ‘games’ the complex algorithms for your benefit. 

Good SEO is ideal for the social promotion of your website, as users who are exposed to your website are more likely to visit your venue. 

A restaurant/cafe website should be easy for a user to navigate – easy to find the menu, the location, and the contact area. It is also ideal to briefly review what a venue has to offer, using pictures and videos. 

The complex search engine algorithms reward websites which have a good ‘User Experience’, plus additions, such as: an SSL Certificate, for added safety; a Google 360 Street View Tour; having links to other sites, such as YouTube. Further, adding reCAPTCHA to the email forms also improves search engine results. 

OmptyMedia builds websites with ALL of these requirements in mind. SEO is built into the website, and a sensational User Experience is mandatory. 

Does your website have SEO embedded? Does your website have a Webmaster managing your site continuously? Can customers book a table on your website, and do you receive notifications, including SMS notifications, for each booking? Do you have an SSL Certificate attached to your website? Is reCAPTCHA installed? Do you have links to other websites? Is your website optimised to your Google My Business account? If the answer is no to any of these questions, then you need OmptyMedia to help bring you up to speed.   

OmptyMedia is currently offering new clients a BRAND NEW or RE-DESIGNED website at no cost. Offer available to 30th September 2019.

See the links below for some examples of OmptyMedia designed websites:  Our Sites